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Engage with us and gain more for your produce

Are you a large farm owner or a part-time farming enthusiast and are looking for partners who will transparently market your produce?

Are you a farmer who is passionate about growing quality produce but can’t find buyers who pay the premium?

Are you a grower who needs guidance on what horticulture crops to grow and what practices to adopt to maximize your profits? 

Krishiyog can help you market your produce

& maximize your profits!


Sell to us

Instantly sell produce of any quality and get paid immediately


Engage with us

Rely on us for providing skilled labor like pruning, harvesting, transport 

Avail Agronomy Services

Get regular market prices


Become a Partner

Work with our buyers to grow quality to their specification & contract your harvest



See how we're paving the way for Agri 2.0 in India through

tech-enabled aggregation

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