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Are you looking to digitise your
agri business?

Explore how Krishiyog's Procurement SaaS can streamline your operations and boost transparency.
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How it Works

Discover Krishiyog's All-in-One Solution for Agriculture Supply Chain Management

Krishiyog's platform is a one-stop shop that streamlines all your backend integration activities.

Field Staff Activity Management
Farmer Relationship Management
Procurement Planning System
Package of Practice  & Agronomy
Sale of services and Products to farmers
Preview of the platform
FPO Management problem

FPO Management Platform

Rural Entrepreneur engagement Model

Rural Entrepreneur Engagement Platform

Platform for MRV of carbon credits

Platform for MRV of Agri-related Carbon Credits

Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage FPOs and rural entrepreneurs. Our MRV platform helps agri-related businesses monitor and verify their carbon credits. Click here to learn more.


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