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Climate Smart Supply Chain Technology

Our Mission

Krishiyog is an Agritech Startup that specializes in climate smart supply chain technology. Our innovative Procurement SaaS is tailored for the agriculture industry and helps streamline the supply chain process. Our products include an FPO management platform, Rural entrepreneur engagement platform, and a platform for MRV of agri-related carbon credits. We are committed to creating sustainable solutions that benefit farmers, agribusinesses and the environment.

Our Purpose

At Krishiyog, our purpose is to organize the agriculture industry by providing technology solutions that enable agribusinesses to grow their businesses while also benefitting the farmers. We believe that by leveraging technology, we can create a more sustainable future for everyone.

Our Story

Krishiyog was founded by a group of passionate individuals who saw the potential for technology to transform the agriculture industry. We recognized that there was a need for more sustainable solutions that could help farmers increase their yields while also reducing their environmental impact. With this in mind, we set out to develop a suite of products that could help farmers improve their businesses and protect the planet.


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