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Our Story

How we're empowering the agro sector through tech-enabled aggregation

We at Krishiyog are passionate about solving the real problems that are holding back the potential of Indian agriculture sector.

Image by Gabriel Jimenez

Krishiyog started out as a tech platform connecting FPOs and other institutions in the agri-value chain. Our offering included cloud-based ERP solutions to the FPOs. After realising that the FPOs lacked the operational ability to convert the leads provided through the platform, we got into procurement operations.

We found an unmet demand in the fruit supply chain and are establishing a network of farmers and procurement executives to supply standardised fruits throughout the season. 

The Krishiyog App

The Krishiyog App


Harvest - packaging, transport

Helps learn Supply Forecast through collected farmer data

Enables Part-time


Enables new



Meet the Team

Ashwin Mahavadi


Ashwin is an IIT-Guwahati, UC Berkeley alumnus. He practised as an earthquake engineer for 6 years before venturing into the agriculture sector. His first venture was a B2C organic produce business. Based on his learnings on aggregating consistent supply and the challenges involved in influencing the farmer’s production practices, he started Krishiyog. 

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