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Our Products

We offer climate smart supply chain technology solutions that are tailored for the agriculture industry. Our products include:

Procurement SaaS

Procurement SaaS Solution

Our procurement SaaS streamlines the procurement process for agriculture businesses by providing a centralized platform for managing suppliers, inventory, consignments and payments.

Supply Chain Financing

Supply Chain Financing Platform

Our supply chain financing platform provides agribusinesses with access to integrate various financiers, digitise the entire distribution and collection and have visibility into inventory associated with each transaction .

Rural Entrepreneur Engagement

Rural Entrepreneur Engagement Platform

Our rural entrepreneur engagement platform enables companies to remotely mobilise, train and incentivise rural entrepreneurs and provide services to small-scale farmers through them.

FPO Management Platform

FPO Management Platform

Our FPO management platform is designed to streamline all their farmer data, transactions and operational activities of FPOs and make the business development and ecosystem engagement easy for them.

Carbon Credits Verification

Carbon Credits Verification Platform

Our carbon credits verification platform enables farmers to earn carbon credits by adopting sustainable farming practices. The platform enables companies to define the practices, incentives and monitor the farms remotely.

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