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Procurement SaaS

If your company deals with procurement of agri-commodities, this product gives you transparency and control over buying operations helping you save money through efficient buying intelligence.

Buyer Management

Attach articles to your buyer, assign targets, measure their efficiency. Provide daily article-wise feedback based on customer complaints.

Pricing Strategy

Effectively use market and competitor benchmarking trend analysis for price setting. Set lot-level yield, process-wastage and inventory-based dynamic pricing strategies.

Launch Signature Products

Onboard farmers on a buyback program to launch signature products. Broadcast package of practise and view compliance for all the steps right from sowing to MRL levels.

Article Management

Manage articles at a variant and grade level, customise procurement flow for each article. Set centralised differential pricing for each article based on variant and procurement location.

Farmer Management

Digitise all farmer interactions at the collection centres. Purchasing, payments and rewards.

Procurement Planning

Connect article-wise sale details to forecast supply requirements and map them to farmers production.

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